Threats of Outdated Branding


Are you suffering from outdating branding material? The way you dress up every morning from choosing the colors to wear to your hairdo everything reflects your likes, dislikes, values, personality and your style. For an instance, you would never find a shy person wearing bold and bright colors. Similarly, the way you style your brand … Continue reading Threats of Outdated Branding

Print Marketing Nowadays


According to the Current Marketing Surveys, a print is still a top of the funnel medium when it comes to your companies outreach. Print attracts the attention of many potential customers in the most effective way. The question arises many times that with ever-developing technology and advancement, how is print still viable? Variable Data in Print … Continue reading Print Marketing Nowadays

First Steps to Marketing with Business Stationery


When you are building your personal brand, it’s a lot like marketing your company. You have a daunting number of choices about where to put your marketing efforts. Out of all these choices, the expected outcome is just one “Strong Brand Identity.” Once you understand the impact that small and frequent changes bring to your … Continue reading First Steps to Marketing with Business Stationery

How About Some Creative Things by Secret Santa


Christmas is the spirit of giving without a thought of getting! The best tradition followed on this joyous festival is “Secret Santa”. Getting a gift especially for you but you can hardly guess from whom... We believe you all must be drenched in the Christmas spirit and so here we have the gifting options you … Continue reading How About Some Creative Things by Secret Santa

Wide range of Desk Calendars by inkFlap


Desk calendars are attractive, useful products that keep your message top-of-mind 365 days a year. Just about everyone can use desk calendars for professionally or personally. The two best uses of a desk calendar are: 1. Professionally Desk calendars make the perfect gifts for the employers. Personalising the calendars with the company branding, highlighting its … Continue reading Wide range of Desk Calendars by inkFlap